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Abode unlocks savings on property taxes, insurance and energy bills, saving you thousands of dollars every year.

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Abode does the saving.

Abode will monitor your property taxes, home insurance, and energy and notify you when there are savings opportunities.

Property Taxes

Lower your property taxes by using our technology to easily file an appeal.

Home Insurance

Get access to lower premiums or tap into discounts on your current policy.

Energy Costs

Find ways to save with access to our network of innovative energy partners.

The best kept
secret is out

The industry does not want you to be able to lower your property taxes, shop for better insurance, or decrease your energy costs. At Abode, we make it easy to put you back in control.

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Savings in seconds

Abode's unique technology can generate an estimate of savings on property taxes, insurance and energy in seconds.

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Find your savings

Enter your address and get a savings estimate in under a minute.

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Live your life

We’ll do the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes and let you know when we've found you the best possible savings.

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Claim your savings

Review your savings and choose the moves you'd like to make.

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What our homeowners
have to say

"Being a first-time homeowner comes with a lot of unknown costs. Abode finds us ways to save without us doing the work."
Anna & Blake
Dallas, TX
"I had no idea that I could even protest my property taxes. It gives me peace of mind that Abode is handling it all for me, and the savings are great.”
Leisha & JT
Austin, TX
"We purchased our first home and was overwhelmed by all the other expenses that come along with it. Abode has helped find us savings."
San Antonio, TX
"This is a game changer. I can't believe I've been overpaying on taxes this long. I'm hooked."
Dallas, TX
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It's never been
this easy

Abode provides effortless, automated homeownership and savings.

A home finance manager that works for you

Effortless, automated savings are a tap away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?


We use our technology to continuously monitor for ways you can save. When we find a savings opportunity, we’ll reach out to you, tell you how you can save and what steps you need to take.

How much work do I need to do?


Our goal is that you don’t have to do more than 60 seconds of work in order to save thousands. We’ll keep you in the loop, and we’ll never make any decisions without your explicit permission.

Does Abode sell my information?


We never share your data or contact information, so you’ll never be spammed or bombarded with calls. The information you provide empowers us to do one thing: help you save.

How much does Abode cost?


We charge nothing up front and only charge a small contingency fee if we save you money. If you don’t save money, our services are entirely free.

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Abode is a home finance manager that works for you. Effortless, automated homeownership is a tap away.
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