Frequently asked questions

What happens after my client signs up?

We use our technology to continuously monitor for ways to save your clients money. When we find a savings opportunity, we’ll reach out to your client, letting them know how much they can save and the steps they need to take.

How much work does my client need to do?

Our goal is that your clients don’t have to do more than 60 seconds of work in order to save thousands. We keep your clients informed and will never make any decisions without their explicit permission.

Does Abode sell my client's information?

We never share data or contact information, so your clients will never be spammed or bombarded with calls. The information your clients provide empowers us to do one thing: help them save.

How much does Abode cost my client?

We charge nothing up front and only charge a small contingency fee if we save your client money. If they don't save money, our services are entirely free.